The Honorary Awards of Latvijas Finieris – Silver Birch Leaves – presented

With the Honorary Award Silver Birch Leaf once every five years company awards employees, partners, and advisors in recognition of their invaluable contribution to the success of Latvijas Finieris in this ever-changing world. This year, at the 30th anniversary concert of Latvijas Finieris on September 30, 23 laureates were honoured. Top class professionals, an example of how to make joint development decisions. 

Latvijas Finieris celebrates 30 year anniversary

Among them are scientists who work on the development of the Latvian forest industry Birch Program. Employees of Latvijas Finieris Group, who have been leaders and motivators of our team through the years. And special thanks this year to the leaders of many public organisations in Latvia, who strengthen social dialogue, good governance and represent the forest industry in the global fight for the sustainable use of land resources. 

A long-standing manager of Zābaki. Manager with the capital M! If the commercial law demands boards to look after their companies as upright and caring masters, then you should guide them by telling – they are supposed to work like Jānis Aļļis. 

A social democrat with education as a philosopher. A sensitive negotiator who truly wants everyone to benefit. His perfectly developed analytical skills can substantiate any given topic with exact numbers. 

The benchmark of confidence, honesty, and justice of the Latvian state forest management. If there is an agreement with Andris, it will be fulfilled. Promises kept! 

Wood application apologist. With the natural talent of a storyteller, he spreads the messages of the forest industry near and far. He firmly believes with heart and soul that it is possible to achieve a sustainable balance between nature and human well-being. 

The counter of Latvian forests. If you wonder – how many trees are there in Latvia? Ask Jānis, and you will certainly get an answer. From all possible angles and cross-sections of this theme.

Economically minded master of forest tree breeding. How to grow more, faster, and more suitable for processing, while at the same time preserving in our future forest stands genetic codes that are typical for Latvia. 

Strengthener of tripartite negotiations in social dialogue. Being the leader of the Employers’ Confederation of Latvia for many years, Vitālijs has always highly esteemed the honour of our country. Not to discredit it, he has retained a surprising sense of empathy towards the changing circle of the heads of state and government officials. 

Teacher, advisor, ambassador of proper management. The perpetual engine of Andris’ inner energy provides the capacity to simultaneously educate others, learn new things himself, and use the acquired knowledge in praxis. Andris manages to combine these qualities for the benefit of society. 

She is something special! With profound wisdom of life, vision of the order of things and ability to assign everyone their role. Not always do opinions match, but we have learned so much from Tina. 

Forest researcher and an ambassador of Latvian silviculture worldwide. A person who respects and protects not only all the species that live on our Earth but also human labour. 

Herald of Latvijas Finieris in Lithuania. Herald? Rather an ambassador who carries out the interests and promotes the name of Latvijas Finieris in Lithuania, at the same time being a true patriot of his country. 

A one-person orchestra. Advisor, advocate, diplomat, analyst and sometimes also the lightning rod of the forest industry… Without Kristaps’ rationally logical suggestions, which are permeated with honesty and love for his country, many processes now would happen differently.

Strengthener, user, and promoter of social dialogue as a substantial value even in the most critical crisis situations. If we could only use a few words to characterize Pēteris – a true national patriot. 

A man of conscience and honour. A person – bridge. A bridge between business and forest industry; a bridge between different human opinions and beliefs. He consistently expresses his opinion so elegantly that not everyone is destined to grasp it. 

Strategist and visionary. Ari’s structural approach to strategic planning is essential to the development of Latvijas Finieris. With his patient perseverance, he has shaped the path to achieving company goals, which nowadays we have become so used to. By sharing his experience and knowledge, Ari has proven to be an everlasting member of the Latvijas Finieris team. 

The translator of collaboration. A diplomat, juggler and fakir who can sell merchandise to the Eastern market by applying Western customs and vice versa. He manages to combine the incompatible and take care of the wolf while keeping the goat alive. 

A wise salesman who knows his product, the market, and his clients. He provides predictability and stability that the harshest crisis can try to shake but not destroy. It can only be possible if you are a true professional. 

The improver of birch growing praxis. Perfectly knows birches and all Latvia’s birches perfectly know Kaspars! 

Argument-based patriot of her country. Delves into each subject to the roots and, through understanding the essence of the matter, protects truths that increase the benefits for the public. Efficiently manages to structure the complexities by creating a comprehensible narrative. 

The unifier of the intelligence of all Latvian forest owners. He knows how to listen to different points of view with deep empathy, and combine them into well-balanced stories to the audience.

An outstanding change leader in business. There is a saying that you really get to know your partners only in a moment of difficulties. Thank you, Ainārs and your team, for demonstrating the highest level of interaction between bank and client during the global financial crisis. 

One of the formers of self-awareness in the forest industry. Always smiling, sociable and delicate. Andris has always known how to look for the truth through dialogue, thus offering an essential contribution during times of important turning points in Latvia’s economy.

Historian of the forest industry and Latvian economy with a touch of social anthropology. A living encyclopaedia who is welcomed in every library like an old friend. When he reads, he is not looking for data, but regularities that build a bridge from the past to the present. 

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