Automatic Patching Line – for intelligent and sustainable manufacturing

Efficiency is among the top priorities of Latvijas Finieris Group. Automatic patching lines are used in production of Riga Wood birch plywood, decreasing manual human workforce input in daily production activities and replacing it with intelligent technologies. Automatization allows speeding up of the production process, therefore increasing work efficiency and saving resources.

Birch wood has outstanding technical properties given by nature already. For creating excellent quality birch plywood products, each veneer has to go through a multi-step process where its quality and suitability for designed product has to be evaluated.

Patching is one of the most effective ways of repairing various defects in birch veneers, such as holes and knots. Veneer repairing increases capacity of supplying high quality panels without open defects on face veneers and inner layers. In addition, it allows optimisation of raw material consumption. Patches are made of birch tree as well, while intelligent laser technologies precisely spot defects and fix them without over- or under-patching.

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