30 year anniversary of Latvijas Finieris Group! Watch a video about our company

This year, on 2 October, Latvijas Finieris Group celebrates its 30th anniversary. But it is not a traditional birthday date. The history of our company is much older. Therefore we see 2 October as more of a milestone to celebrate the founding of the joint-stock company. A day on which we can only admire the 209 colleagues of the time for their courage and determination to take the entrepreneurial step and establish their own company at a time of uncertainty.

30 years have passed – another milestone on our road to excellence. A moment to look back on what has been done and look to the future with confidence. We have prepared a short video story about who we are today and where we invite you to come with us tomorrow. We invite you to watch it in the “About us” section of the company’s website, where you will also find links to other important milestones in the history of Latvijas Finieris. Layer by layer since 1873.

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