Riga Poliform – making formwork systems more sustainable

Riga Poliform is a birch throughout plywood overlaid from both sides with a high-performance and highly durable wood-plastic composite material. The composition of the composite material was created by the Latvijas Finieris Product Development team and is prepared at our own premises. It’s made of birch wood fibres and polypropylene. The wood fibres are side streams of the birch plywood production process. This way, fibres are used sustainably, taking full advantage of side stream properties.

Riga Poliform is widely used in the heavy building industry for formwork systems production and the quality of the end result is recognised among the biggest formwork producers globally. The special overlay thickness can vary from project to project, and it doesn’t affect further processing options for the sheets. Due to its smooth surface, Riga Poliform has found an application in other industries too. For example, it is used in the construction of skateboard and bike ramps. In such ramps, high wear-resistance and anti-slip properties of Riga Poliform are essential.

Careful research and testing under various conditions since 2017 have led to excellent product quality, contributing to more sustainable heavy building and industrial construction practices. Riga Poliform panels can be reused more than 300 times, therefore saving material and financial resources, and reducing waste volumes.

Research work continues. The Product Development Department of Latvijas Finieris is working on developing new properties of Riga Poliform, especially focusing on increasing the elasticity of the overlay. Also, the possibility to use recycled plastic is on the schedule for our scientists.

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