Latvijas Finieris – one of Latvia’s most valuable enterprises

Latvijas Finieris has been included on the Prudentia and Nasdaq Riga list of most valuable enterprises of Latvia in 2022, taking 14th position on the TOP 101 list, and 3rd place among woodworking companies.

New Latvijas finieris warehouse building made from wood

As stated by Prudentia, woodworking companies have been the main forces of Latvia’s economy in 2021–2022. At the same time this period has been full of challenges for the woodworking industry. Latvijas Finieris managed to remain in a stable position while for others, the year 2021 was a year of gains or loses. The market changes were major, therefore flexibility in production and sales, as well as good planning were the key factors to maintain a stable performance.

The full list is published here.

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