Furniers’ warehouse takes top honours in construction competition

The new wooden warehouse building of the Furniers mill, which opened last year, has been awarded third place in the Latvian Construction Annual Award 2022 in the nomination Industrial building. Second place went to Orkla’s cookies and waffles factory, and first place to Riga HPP.

The Furniers warehouse is one of the few large-scale wooden industrial buildings in Riga. Construction of the Furniers warehouse, which covers more than 3750 m2, started in spring 2021 and EUR 3.3 million has been invested in the project. In total, almost 400 m3 of wood was used in the building in the form of glued laminated timber beams, CLT panels and other wooden structures. This means that more than 350 tonnes of CO2 equivalent of carbon have been sequestered and stored in the structures from the atmosphere for many years.

It should be noted that Latvijas Finieris, aware of the ecological, economic and social benefits, made a strategic decision more than 15 years ago to use wood products as much as possible in the construction of new industrial buildings. Since then, two development phases of RSEZ SIA “Verems”, a plywood production unit at Kohila Vineer in Estonia, an impregnation unit at the Chemical Products Plant in Bolderāja, as well as a number of smaller-scale construction and renovation projects have been implemented in large-scale glued laminated timber construction solutions.

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